From the mountains, life for humans looks different.

The Earth asks us to be much more aware, simply to ascend and thrive.

During the coming time of transformation here in this Earth we live within, we will be examining all of what it means to be Human, from a unique perspective: from the Mountains.

All over the West of this continent, and in years to come, as we are able to travel, all over the world. We will also be engaging and critiquing many archetypes and myths about mountain peoples. In these United States, so disunited now because of our citizens unaddressed karma, and differences, we will examine the civilizations in this continent, multi- culturally, with many pairs of eyes.

We will critique also, the “American myth” of the “Mountain Man”: after 15 weeks traveling through 11 mountain ranges, from the crest of the Rockies to the shores of our NE Pacific, and interviews with 160 people, of many backgrounds and ancestries, we decided to put forward a new integrative perspective: we are Mountain Human. If you, like us, uplift in your spirit, when you see a mountain, join us:

let us ascend and see further. Together.